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TEDxZurich is a day of wonder, inspiration and awe. You will meet and get to know interesting people and learn about topics you never thought about before.
TEDxZurich, Zurich, TED, Independently organised event
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Core Team

Nina Schneider
A product specialist with a background in business strategy and international relations, Nina is currently working as a Product Lead at Appway. As a personal project Nina is supporting andina a Swiss brand for the production of quality handcrafted design furniture. She holds a degree in Strategy and International Management from the University of St. Gallen. When she is not doing gymnastics, Nina spends her spare time recharging on sunlight in Ticino, following world politics and trying to find her voice as passionate supporter of women in leadership
Fareena Chaudhry
Born and raised in Kenya, with strong Pakistani roots and having spent a significant amount of time in England, Fareena is a true third culture child. Currently an international development consultant her interest lies in social enterprise and development for Africa. Fareena’s work experience spans the public and private sectors in Kenya and England. She holds a Masters Degree in Development from SOAS (University of London). In her spare time when not baking, Fareena enjoys the Swiss mountains in the winter and the lakes in the summer, exploring new cities and listening to Moncole Podcasts.
Chris McCall
Christopher is working as the COO for Fotokite, a robotics ETH spinoff company in Zurich. Before living in Switzerland, Christopher worked as a development engineer at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and studied Engineering and Neuroscience at University of California San Diego. Outside of the office, you can find him in the mountains, on the waves, and playing on the Swiss National Lacrosse Team.
Tanya König
Story Teller
In addition to her journalism diploma from Ringier School, Tanya further satisfied her intellectual prowess by studying Sinology, Film, and Political Science at the University of Zurich. She has worked for Ringier and SRF as a reporter, multimedia editor, and show host. Now she is a journalist at CNN Money Switzerland. Find her on Twitter as @tanyayuan.
Xavier Kohll
Originally from Luxemburg, Xavier is a technology enthusiast and loves to discover and develop new things and concepts. During the week he is busy pursuing a PhD at ETH Zürich. He has a background in chemical- and bioengineering. On weekends he enjoys the quietness and farsightedness of the Swiss mountains.
Gintare Simkute
Born and raised in Lithuania. Given the name of Amber. Thought to live and love. Gintare is working as an IT Business Analyst in investment risk related topics. She truly enjoys the environment where technology enables change. Gintare holds a Bachelor in Mathematical Science from City University of London and Masters Degree in Innovation Management from University of Trento. She is in love with traveling and believes that "one's destination is not a place but a new way of seeing things".
Ralf Soboczinski
Ralf engages himself in event planning and integrates modern technologies in IT, streaming, and recording. Ralf finds himself repeatedly in the curious corners of our world, where he takes his time to explore the countries and their people. Outside of business hours,Ralf drives long motorbike tours with his friends, and educates himself and others and takes passionate photos of ordinary life.
Yentl Spiteri
Born and Raised in Malta, passionate about understanding people's behaviour and learning their stories. Has a background in Psychology and is currently working on Digital platforms & eCommerce projects. In between projects, you will most likely find her browsing the internet, exploring food, skiing or taking photos of the world around.
Eva-Maria Spreitzer
Eva-Maria is working as Strategic Partnership Manager for Switzerland Global Enterprise. Prior to that, she gained experiences in management consulting and research. She loves connecting the dots and building bridges. She practices yoga, likes a nice hike in the mountains as much as a lazy day on beach, adores cats and is interested in photography.
Nadine Zinovyeva
Participants and Audience Experience
Originally from Moscow, Russia, Nadine is a Business Development Consultant in a global human resources consulting firm based out in Zurich. She holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology from SUM in Moscow. As part of her international experience, she went to ESG Management School in Paris to study Business Administration.In her spare time she enjoys discovering new places and getting inspired from different cultures and people she meets. Deeply in love with art, she always finds time to attend exhibitions and seminars, ballet performances or reading art history books.Currently she is mastering an art of skiing in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland and crafting her skills in wakesurfing at the Lake of Zurich during summer.
Celeste Urech
With his background in legal, tech and event planning, Celeste has been working at a leading business law firm and as a legal consultant for undocumented migrants in Switzerland. His passion for technology and communication has now brought him to Coople, where he is a product marketing manager. His biggest weakness is saying no, which is why he ends up with a broad range of projects in his spare time ranging from social media consulting to running music festivals. He enjoys practising yoga and teaching snowboarding.


Michelle Sandmeier
Media Relations
Roger Ammann
Lea Dahinden
Patrick Neumann
Rajan Thambehalli
Orsolya Feher
Joel Wong
Audience Experience
Oliver Langner
Lionel Andreas Worrell
Pia Seidel
Boris Baldinger
Thomas Rippel
Marvin Hörner
Rose Willow
Sandro Meyer

Board Members

Nicholas Blanchard
TIm Duehrkoop
Karin Friedli
Martin Steiger


Urs Bucher
Fun Club President
David Nydegger
Daniela Luzanin