Think. Eat. Save. – How TEDxZurich made its catering more sustainable

Becoming a world connection-maker does not necessarily mean doing incredible things. Sometimes our daily routines can have an enormous impact, such as not wasting food and connecting with our local producers. As our guests at TEDxZurich will notice, no gipfeli will be served to welcome them. Instead, TEDxZurich aims to stimulate everyone’s metabolism early in the day with food to keep them fit … Read moreThink. Eat. Save. – How TEDxZurich made its catering more sustainable

To work remotely or not to work remotely?

As we prepare for our TEDxZurich event in November, we are asking questions and having conversations around this year’s theme ‘connection’. Today we are bringing you a story on connection and communication in the modern workplace.   So there’s this guy I work with, David. He’s a freelancer. He only needs his computer and a … Read moreTo work remotely or not to work remotely?

Impressions from our volunteers

TEDxZurich Volunteers

Thinking about volunteering? Read more about what it means to be a volunteer at TEDxZurich and some of our volunteers’ journeys to TEDxZurich – straight from the horse’s mouth.   Peter Willi (Audience Experience Associate) attended his first TEDx  event as a visitor and was inspired by the team power and positivity. He quickly decided … Read moreImpressions from our volunteers

TEDxZurichSalon – The Future of Media

At the last TEDxZurichSalon, 80 people came together to discuss the future of media. Their thoughts were stimulated by a screening of Clay Shirky’s talk ‘How the internet will (one day) transform government’, and two live talks by Juliane Leopold and Hansi Voigt. These are some of the issues that were raised and questions that … Read moreTEDxZurichSalon – The Future of Media