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February 3, 2017

TED Dialogues: An urgent response to a dangerously divisive time

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These are astonishing days. Amid rapid-fire policy changes, America has grown even more divided; similar divisions are spreading across the world. Vitriolic rhetoric roars from all sides, and battle lines are hardening.

We aren’t listening to one another.

Is there space left for dialogue? For reason? For thoughtful persuasion?

We’re determined to find that space. This goes to the core of TED’s mission. We’re therefore launching a series of public events, TED Dialogues, that will focus on the burning questions of the moment; questions about security and fear, democracy and demagoguery, neo-nationalism and neo-globalism.

We’re not looking for more angry soundbites. We’re looking to pull the camera back a little and get a clearer understanding of what’s going on, where we are, how we got here—and how we must move forward. Our speakers will be invited to give short, powerful talks, followed by probing questions from both live and virtual audiences — including you. We will search for voices from many parts of the political landscape. And we will focus on the ideas that can best shed light, bring hope and inspire courageous action.

The events will be held at our theater in New York and streamed freely online. The first event will be Wednesday, February 15, at 1pm New York time, featuring the acclaimed historian and author Yuval Noah Harari. There will be further events on successive Wednesdays.

If you have specific speakers to recommend or topics to suggest, please submit them here. Please sign up for email notification of these events. Or join our Facebook community.

The need for ideas—and listening—has never mattered more.



January 11, 2017

Would you like to be part of the TEDxZürich core team? Working to create a day of wonder, inspiration and awe in 2017?

TEDxZürich is part of the global TEDx program of self-organized events that bring people together in the spirit of ideas worth spreading. It also organizes events where TED Talks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection.

Are you a perfect fit?

You want to make a difference to our city, our country and the world we live in.

– You are keen to learn, enjoy and live an amazing experience as part of a team.

– You are creative, driven, organized, versatile and possess a positive, hands-on attitude.

Main Responsibilities

– In charge of securing and managing partnerships that guarantee the financial viability of TEDxZürich;

– Build relationships and collaboration with partners that are sustainable and provide the ground for a long-term exchange with TEDxZürich

– Manage the partner pipeline, handle the sales funnel as well as hold negotiations, handling content and contracts;

– As the main contact for partners, facilitate strong and transparent

communication throughout the year, including being reachable for the partners, understanding their business needs, creating communication material and updating all partners on the progress of the event;

– Work in close collaboration with the Head of Marketing ensuring the partners’ brand is positioned within the TEDx communication; and

– Develop an event experience concept (called Partnership Momentum in 2016) with the Co-Heads, Head of Strategic Initiatives, Head of Partnerships and partners to ensure that event theme is reflected in all aspects.


December – January – Organize feedback from partners and start building relationships.

– Create a new information partner deck (including collecting all performance data from 2016).

February – May/June – Secure deals with Main Partners (80% of budget).

– Secure deals with in-kind partners.

– On-going partner communication .

June/ July – September –  Assist in organizing the Partnership Momentum.

– Work as focal point between partners and the Head of Location and Head of Audience Experience

October – November – Ongoing partner communication and managing implementation of presence on site


We are a team of volunteers and depend on the commitment of each to make TEDxZürich a success every year. You are willing to invest time and commit to help the team beyond your main responsibilities. You will attend monthly team meetings and more in the run up to the event. You must also be reachable for the internal team communication throughout the year.

If interested

Please send your CV and a short cover letter to Nina Schneider nina.schneider@tedxzurich.com and Fareena Chaudhry – fareena.chaudhry@tedxzurich.com, by the 20th January 2017.

October 19, 2016

Is she turning towards you or away from you? No one can agree. She’s the subject of Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with the Pearl Earring,” a painting often referred to as the ‘Mona Lisa of the North.’ But what makes this painting so captivating? James Earle explains how this work represents the birth of a modern perspective on economics, politics, and love.


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October 17, 2016

TEDx Spotlights>Girl Power showcases the voices of girls and young women around the world. These eight TEDx talks highlight some of the extraordinary achievements of the speakers, and shed new light on what girl power means, namely, that although many of the female speakers seek to make change for girls, they are using their voices to campaign for inclusivity regardless of race, gender or traditional definitions of self

Check out the playlist and share with your community!


August 25, 2016

1) The Networker

Goal = Meet smart people

The networker aims to meet and make lasting connections with other professionals in the industry. Chances are, they have a lot of connections on social media and have connected to attendees through the conference hashtag ahead of time. You’ll probably see this person chatting up multiple groups of people during happy hour and handing out business cards.

2) The Sponge

Goal = Learning

This is the person who’s just at the conference to soak up as much information as possible. You’ll probably see this person juggling a laptop, smartphone, and notebook with a pen, and diligently taking notes (or live-tweeting) from each. The biggest struggle this person faces is deciding on which sessions to attend (they’re all so great!!).

3) The Innovator

Goal = Get inspired

If you watch TED Talks on a daily basis and your favourite book is Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, you might fall into the “innovator” category. These are the people who go to conferences to get inspiration and spark some creativity. Entrepreneurs, thinkers, and problem solvers would fall under this bucket.

4) The Superfan

Goal = Meet the keynote speakers

You’ll find this person all over social media before you even arrive at the conference. One superfan conference habit includes excessively tweeting to the hashtag that you’re “so excited to meet @speaker.” Superfans never forget to include a speaker’s Twitter handle in hopes that he or she will retweet or reply. If there’s a book signing at the conference (or maybe even if there isn’t), the superfan is first in line with every book the author has ever published in hand.

5) The Job Seeker

Goal = Get a job

Job seekers might have a few different goals for a conference depending on which stage of the job hunt they’re in. If this person is in the awareness stage, he or she might simply listen and learn about companies, jobs, and people they’d like to work with. If this person is beyond that awareness stage, he or she may have already made connections with people ahead of time via LinkedIn or Twitter, and wants to give them an elevator pitch in person, along with a resume or portfolio.

6) The Deal Maker

Goal = Establish a business partnership

Similar to the “networker,” the deal maker attends a conference with the goal of creating business partnerships. This could be for comarketing, co-branding, sponsorships, speaking opportunities … the list goes on. This person might even take a tip from the networker, making lasting relationships first and doing business sometime after the conference.

7) The Blogger

Goal = Write high quality content

This is the person who attends a conference specifically for blog (or other content) fodder. You’ll see this person listening to keynotes and breakout sessions while writing down an outline or quotes on a laptop. When meeting bloggers in-person at a conference, watch out because they might be wired! Just kidding … but they might try to write down some quotes from your conversation (after asking for permission, of course).

8) The Teacher

Goal = Relay knowledge to teammates

I don’t mean teacher in the traditional sense, but rather the person you send to the conference who will come back with awesome takeaways. The teacher should take excellent notes and relay them back to his or her team. This person might even write up a wiki page or create a presentation to show your team when they return.

9) The Thought Leader

Goal = Stay successful

These are generally the conference speakers. These folks talk specifically about a subject matter they know almost everything about. They’ve probably written books and countless blog articles on the same topic and have loads of followers on social media. It might seem like they have a buzz on, but really they’re just riding the adrenaline from taking the stage.

10) The Spy

Goal = Competitive intelligence

This is the person who goes to a conference solely to check out the competition. This person might ask: What does the competition’s presence look like at this conference? What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? Then, this information is compiled, analyzed, and turned into a plan of action. Attending a conference as a spy is actually a popular sales enablement tactic and can give your sales team the soundbites they need to close more deals.

11) The Salesperson

Goal = Make a sale

Similar to the deal maker, a salesperson aims to close on a deal. The difference here is that salespeople are usually only interested in selling their company’s core products and services. This interaction could happen during the conference, or sometime after the conference when the prospect has thought the deal over.

12) The Partier

Goal = Have fun

Finally, we’ve reached the inevitable. You know, the person who rages at all the parties, dances with everyone at the concert, and seriously takes advantage of the free drinks. It’s okay to have a little partier in you during a conference. In fact, it could be a great way to break the ice!

Which of these types can you relate to most? 

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August 16, 2016


Professor William A. Schabas is professor of international law at Middlesex University in London. He is also professor of international human law and human rights at Leiden University, emeritus Professor of human rights law at the National University of Ireland Galway and honorary chairman of the Irish Centre for Human Rights.

Professor Schabas was named an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2006, and elected a member of the Royal Irish Academy in 2007.

He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the United Nations Voluntary Fund for Technical Cooperation in the Field of Human Rights. Schabas served as one of seven commissioners on the Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and as one of six commissioners on the Iran Tribunal Truth Commission from 18 to 22 June 2012.

Our event  PEOPLE FIRST will take place on the 11th of November 2016

You can register for tickets here