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TEDxZurich is a day of wonder, inspiration and awe. You will meet and get to know interesting people and learn about topics you never thought about before.
TEDxZurich, Zurich, TED, Independently organised event
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Opening Doors 2017

Check out the talks that took place November 17th 2017:

The World through Labels

Rima Alaifari

Opening Doors for Refugees in the IT Industry

Christian Hirsig

Learning from the Grassroots Response to the European Refugee Crisis

Liska Bernet

Separating Leadership from Pay

Stephan Hostettler

Dream Big. Smile and Take a Step.

Judith Safford

A Magical History Tour

Diccon Bewes

Transforming Ownership to Create a Better Economy

Armin Steuernagel

Striving for the Perfect Digital Human

Pascal Berard

Reclaiming Journalism for Readers

Nadja Schnetzler

A Conversation with Democritus

Ben Moore

Cyborgs – Fantasy, Threat or Chance?

Robert Riener

I Want to be a Stand Up Comedian, but I’m Swiss

Fabian Unteregger

A Conversation with Democritus

Ben Moore

Broken Place & I See the Light


That’s One Big Living Room!


Beautiful and Stunning Adagio Performance

Gabriel Stoyanov

People First 2016

Check out the talks from last years event – People First


Stella Cruz

100 Happy Days

Dmitry Golubnichy

The Mental Health System – A Call for Change

Nora Blum

Augmented Creativity

Bob Sumner

Humans & AI: A Healthy Relationship?

Marcel Blattner


Evelyne Binsack

Small Money – Big Impact

Peter Fanconi

Capture You


Why Diversity matters

Suzie LeVine & Eric LeVine

Human Rights in 2066

William Schabas

Plea for daily creative act

Cristina Riesen

Some Truths About Honesty

Alexander Wagner

Point Cloud Modeling the Alpine Landscape

Christophe Girot

Re-Imagining Everything 2015

Check out the talks from the event of 2015 – Re-Imagining Everything

Mental (w)illness

Christian Wehbe

Tomatoes talk, birch trees learn – do plants have dignity?

Florianne Koechlin

Dementia precaution should become as normal as going to the dentist

Ioannis Tarnanas

Shady Midnight Orchestra

Marena Whitcher

Why its time to elect your boss

Why its time to elect your boss
Marc Stoffel

The power of voice

Nadine Bienefeld

Negotiation engineering

Michael Ambühl

Aesthetic activism in the business of beauty

Anju Rupal

Fighting dyslexia with computer science

Markus Gross

What happens when no one is watching… and how to break the cycle

Andreia Fernandes

The right and the wrong way to look at the war in Syria

Kurt Pelda

Allowing mobile devices to navigate and understand the world we live in

Simon Lynen

Re-setting the public image of modern successful women

Jennifer Miksch


Check out the talks from the event of 2014 – Stop.Start

Live music act

Mich Gerber

Stop, look, think, and then, maybe you can do

Xavier Vilalta

This bullsh*t might save the world

Thomas Rippell

Empowering women to power the world

Anya Cherneff