TEDxZurich | What «Opening Doors» means to the people of Zurich
TEDxZurich is a day of wonder, inspiration and awe. You will meet and get to know interesting people and learn about topics you never thought about before.
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What «Opening Doors» means to the people of Zurich

A Goodbye from your storyteller this year!

Now that TEDxZurich 2017 – Opening Doors is over, I would also like to share the last post from the series of What «Opening Doors» means to you, which I have been curating for the past few months.

Ahead of the event I got to ask a few interesting people such as Nick Mazrekaj, Carola WimmerFlorian Schaffner, Giorgia von Albertini and Markus Dubs what «Opening Doors» means to them. They all gave me inspiring answers.

In the video above you also find some answers from people in the streets of Zurich, and our event, answering the same question.

If you want to read more on the actual TEDxZurich 2017 event, you can find my blog-post with some impressions here.

Thanks for being our reader!

Tanya Koenig