Ideas Worth Spreading

TEDxZurich is an independently organised event.

TEDxZurich 2018​ - Connection

In 2018, individually and collectively, people are more connected than ever. With incredibly powerful communication devices at our fingertips at all times, sharing an anonymous opinion is just a click away.

Sharing an opinion however, is not having a conversation. The art of conversation lies in listening, in letting go of our preconceived notions and embracing the idea that there might be more to the story. As well as to connect to the marginalized voices, vying for a say in the noise of the online world.

There’s always a story, an experience, an idea that we can learn from that makes us think critically and challenge our own beliefs. 

Watch the impressions video of our 2018 event and stay tuned for further events happening in Zurich.

A special thank you to Witwinkel for the creation of the video. 

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