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Celebrating 10 years of independently organised events.

A special thank you to  Sören Funk | @soerenfunk for the creation of the video.

TEDxZurich 2019

TEDxZurich will be celebrating a 10th year of programming, bringing you Ideas Worth Sharing to “The Power of 10”. So join us on the 29th of November at SRF Studios, Zurich.

Any one of us can find inspiration for hope and humility in looking at our lives over the last 10 years. How can we use this to inform the next 10? How would our lives change, if we knew that we only had 10 months to live?

What story would you tell a loved one, if you had 10 minutes to share anything at all? Does that story change with a complete stranger?

Speakers this year will be challenged to deliver deep dives on various topics within 10 minutes or less, providing a dynamic day of talks showing The Power of 10, past, present, and future.

A ticket costs CHF 70 and includes:

  • Full day event, sessions from 9 to 16:30 at the SRF Studios
  • Entry to several talks, performances and an interactive TEDx experience
  • Lunch, drinks and refreshments
  • Apero

Registrations are closed.

Watch the impressions video of our TEDxZurich 2019 and stay tuned for further events happening in Zurich!

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