That was TEDxZurich 2012

TEDxZurich 2012 is over – thank you all for being a part of it, be it in person at SRF / tpc or out there watching the livestream. All of you have contributed to making it the awesome experience that it was.

We have collected a pick of tweets during the day and compiled them to a storify document that you will find below. This also includes links to all the speakers, the TED talks that were screened and media coverage throughout the day.

As to the talks on video, you can find them integrated in the speakers’ portraits, on the top of each page.

Pictures taken throughout the day can be found on NZZ Business Events – TEDxZurich 2012.

Update February 21, 2013:
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TEDxZurich 2012

A collection of impressions and stories from TEDxZurich 2012

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Good morning, this is the day:
Welcome to TEDxZurich 2012!

.@tedxzurich in the news Corbett
Minutes to the start #tedxzurich Luethy
Say "Thank You" to all Sponsors of #tedxzurich <3 Hinnen
RT @jvonlanthen: "It’s a day off of our busy professional life, but won’t be beach hollyday" 🙂 #tedxzurich’Vinci
so excited for #TEDxZurich livestream – it’s starting now! #TEDlovestacey hamilton

Mikael Colville-Andersen 

TEDxZurich – October 25, 2012 – TV Studios of SRF / tpcThe focus on re-establishing more liveable cities continues unabated. The primary problem, however, is that 85 years of traffic engineeri…
Mikael Colville-Andersentedxzurich
Great start into this day: urban mobility & biking with Mikael Colville-Andersen #tedxzurichTobias Zehnder
Mikael Colville. 96 people per minute injured in transport accidents. #tedxzurich now live .watch in realtime on http://dev.tedxzurich.comLynda Brandt
Love this guy talking about how we should build our cities to be more bike-friendly. Of course, he’s from #Copenhagen #tedxzurichLisa Christen
#TEDxZurich "Designing traffic paths in a urban area sould be as simple as a solid chair. No on-off button, no fear that it will disappear"Patrick Comboeuf
Our cities would be much better and livable if they would be designed by 5-year olds, third graders and young designers. #TEDxZurichJohan Offermans
A propos my TED talk, here’s the Copenhagenize Index: #tedxzurichMikael

James B. Glattfelder

TEDxZurich – October 25, 2012 – TV Studios of SRF / tpcIt sounds paradoxical, but today it appears that we understand more about the universe than our society. We have created systems that hav…
James B. Glattfeldertedxzurich
The physisist on #TEDxZurich stage talks about understanding and translating society – so we do need more philosophers and philologists!Clemens M. Schuster
Oh, Networks and network theory <3 <3 #TEDxzurich巫楚雲
James B. Glattfeldertedxzurich
Who rules the world – study of 13 million corporate ownership relations by ETH Zurich team to find out #tedxzurichkevyneva
Looking at economic systems through physics #controlsystems J.Glattfelder at #tedxzurichElise Nardin

Stephen Malinowski, with Etienne Abelin & Dorothy Yeung

TEDxZurich – October 25, 2012 – TV Studios of SRF / tpcThe subtleties and intricate patterns at the core of DNA of western classical music-which have enchanted and fascinated people for centur…
Stephen Malinowskitedxzurich
#tedxzurich I am seeing music and tweeting with 3d glassesSoulMaite
Stephen Malinowskitedxzurich
Stephen Malinowskitedxzurich
Understanding complexity and seeing music in3D #tedxzurichkevyneva
Great visualization of a long note in violin at Malinowski’s interlude at #tedxzurichElise Nardin
Stephen Malinowskitedxzurich

István Görgényi

TEDxZurich – October 25, 2012 – TV Studios of SRF / tpcTo share or not to share? How dealing with territorial overlaps helps us solve problems that seem unsolvable. We tend to blame personalit…
Istvan Goergenyitedxzurich
Die Öl-Plattform Deepwater Horizon war tiefer als das Matterhorn hoch ist #tedxzurich Hinnen
#tedxzurich to well perform, we need to understand the task in hands, details & what we r suppose to achieve togetherClaudia Marcelloni
#tedxzurich BP and territorial interactions… a nice way to introduce an old aristotelian idea back: humans as a political animalJoel Lonfat
Deepwater horizon – a rather complex venture with territorial overlaps and many (conflicting) agendas… #TEDxZurich Comboeuf
Examining how companies collaborate, what causes their failure and how to improve. My favorite topic 🙂 #receipeforsuccess #TEDxZurichAlex Lefty
Blow out preventer didn’t work. Otherwise nothing would have happened?! Management pressure vs oil pressure vs economic pressure #TEDxZurichClemens M. Schuster
Spannende Darstellung von "Pressure of Gaz" und "Pressure of Management" beim Unfall der Deepwater Horizon #BP #TEDxZurichMona Hinnen
Istvan Görgènlyl – "we live in a highly interconnected world and we cannot afford to be isolated anymore" #TEDxZurich Ortega
Don’t focus on gold, because it will blind you and make you not realize what is actually necessary to reach gold… #tedxzurichManuel VanKhausen

Screened from Candy Chang 

Candy Chang: Before I die I want to… | Video on TED.comTED
Will actually try to meet @BeforeIdiewall in Nola for storytelling venture @lifelessonsme next week #tedxzurich – stay tuned!Elise Nardin
"Thinking about death helps us clarify our lives" Preaching to (this) choir. Great choice @TEDxZurich team. #TEDxZurichAlex Lefty
#TEDxZurich To think about: "Thinking of death can clarify your life" that’s not that bad on this view! Thanks Candy Changs!Iliza
What a beautiful idea – #TEDxZurichhighrotation

Bradley Nelson

TEDxZurich – October 25, 2012 – TV Studios of SRF / tpcWe learned of the existence of bacteria over 300 years ago, and we have far more of them in our bodies than human cells, but it was less …
Bradley Nelsontedxzurich
Bradley Nelson: "This pig’s eye came from the butcher that morning, so we didn’t harm any animals… ourselves." #TEDxZurichPeter Hogenkamp
Make nanobots and physics changes, trying to swim through water is more like swimming through syrup #TEDxZurichDragica Kahlina
‘Nature has invented a rotary motor’ #microrobotics #TEDxZurichhighrotation
Bradley Nelsontedxzurich
Fish understand Newton’s First Law. 1 hour into #TEDxZurich and head is pleasantly spinning.RunningComm
#TEDxZurich also amazing glimpse into the world of microroboticsJoel Krebs
Bradley Nelson: "That’s why I do robotics: Buliding a machine and watching it move is so much fun." #TEDxZurichAndreas Kyriacou
Badley Nelson -" what I cannot make I do not understand" quoting #TEDxZurich Ortega
#TEDxZurich Biggest absentee on stage so far: The internet. Shows that it’s accepted as a completely unremarkable part of life. Good thing.ThomNagy

Davide Scaramuzza 

TEDxZurich – October 25, 2012 – TV Studios of SRF / tpcThis talk is about autonomous, vision-controlled micro flying robots. Micro flying robots are vehicles that are less than 1 meter in size…
Davide Scaramuzzatedxzurich
yay more robots, autonomous, flying, visually guided ones #TEDxZurichDragica Kahlina
Robots help firefighters locate victims #tedxzurich (@ TEDxZurich 2012 w/ @pfuellemann @slartbart @phogenkamp) [pic]:
Moving from swimming robots to flying robots. Now on stage: Prof Dr Davide Scaramuzza from the AI Lab. #TEDxZurich Schnell
Now life demo of autonomous flying helis #tedxzurich go to live streamDragica Kahlina
I love geeks. They’re doing all this fancy things all the time. #robots #TEDxZurich #safetynet Steiner
"@JohanTweets: thinking and autonomous helicopter at #TEDxZurich #TEDxZurich2012 – I want one!" I saw it first!Lucilia Caramelo
Davide Scaramuzzatedxzurich
The small flying robot seems to be the most desired pet of the day! #TEDxZurichkate rageth
#tedxzurich even had to alert the Zurich airport in case the flying robot escapes (never mind there’s this thing called a "roof" here…)Sebastian Wernicke
Davide Scaramuzzatedxzurich

Roger de Weck 

Roger de Wecktedxzurich
Welcome Address von Roger de Weck. Hat seine Notizen auf dem Smartphone. Konvergenz überall. #tedxzurichPeter Hogenkamp
#TEDxZurich Roger de Weck "from broadcster to broadbander". Nicely put. SRF reinventing itself. That remains to be seen though…Beat Werder

Ellen ‘t Hoen

TEDxZurich – October 25, 2012 – TV Studios of SRF / tpcAccess to medicines patents can be a question of life and death in the developing world. Global controversies have centred on how to prev…
Ellen ‘t Hoentedxzurich
Wow. We have the tools to beat HIV. But patent practices get in the way. Ellen ‘t Hoen #TEDxZurichJack Vincent
Price drop of anti AIDS drugs decreased from 12.000 $ per year to 60$. What a achievement! #tedxzurich But patents are a huge problem.Patrick Stähler
Simple yet effective solution "Patent holders make patents available generic drug manufacturers through a medicines patent pool" #TEDxZurichPatrick Comboeuf
Ellen ‘t Hoentedxzurich
Ellen ‘t Hoen tells patent holders to "jump into the pool now" to break back of hiv epidemic. at #tedxzurichMedicinesPatentPool
Basically we need to rely on Pharmaceutical Companies generosity to let us live or die. #weShouldKnowBetter #medicalPatentPool #tedxzurichPhilipp Küng
Open-source medication patents coming? #hackthelabs #tedxzurichElise Nardin
#tedxzurich "we have the tools to break aids epidemics, but need better acess to them" ellen t hoenLucilia Caramelo

Domi Chansorn

TEDxZurich – October 25, 2012 – TV Studios of SRF / tpcDrummer and musical instrumentalist Domi Chansorn has released his debut album „bright times can be dark as well" by the end of 2011. The…
Domi Chansorntedxzurich
#DomiChansorn sounding really good. Plus, excellent man-hair #TEDxZurichhighrotation
RT @schnellnicole: Three in a row. Domi Chansorn in action. #TEDxZurich Offermans
Domi Chansorn is awesome! #music #TEDxZurichBoris Baldinger ツ
#TEDxZurich Domi Chansorn : great great music performance, thank you!Beat Werder

Hugo Schotman

Now on stage: @hschot about TEDx and how ideas are spread on and on into the world. #TEDxZurichTEDxZurich
Hugo Schottmantedxzurich
#tedxzurich today could have gone to 8 other TEDx events in the world, including in Rwanda and New OrleansJohan Offermans
@hschot Loved seeing you on the #TEDxZurich live feed. I would have been so nervous!Ashley Ringger
Good seeing @hschot on #TEDxZurich stage with amazing Tedx statistics Butler

Christoph von Toggenburg

TEDxZurich – October 25, 2012 – TV Studios of SRF / tpc"If one attempts to make the world a better place one must begin with very small things. We must learn to understand that actions, no mat…
Christoph von Toggenburgtedxzurich
Aha, the bike @martinsteiger pre-announced is now on stage. Together with Christoph von Toggenburg. #TEDxZurichAndreas Kyriacou
#tedxzurich Bicycle on stage: a miracle worker that increase energy and Transform your feelings into action. I need oneJoel Lonfat
#TEDxZurich Everybody has a story, meet Chaspar – the bicycle Comboeuf
#tedxzurich @cvontoggenburg : "feel -> like -> act (& get gratification). Leave your comfort zone."Michael Vorburger
"A real hero doesn’t have shining armor." – Christoph von Toggenburg #TEDxZurichJack Vincent
Autonomous helicopters, beautifully haunting music and a bicycle changing people’s lives. A truly inspiring morning. #TEDxZurichMarianne M. Michel

Lunch Break – and some media coverage

In 18 Minuten die Welt rettenIn 18 Minuten die Welt retten Inspirierende Antworten auf grosse Fragen: Im Studio des Schweizer Fernsehens sprechen heute Professoren, e…
Tedx Video HTML Code –, 26.10.2012function detect_apple_device() { var return_value = false; if (navigator.userAgent.match(/iPhone/i)
Gute Ideen an den Mann gebrachtGibt es ein Rezept gegen die Überalterung? Wie kommen Menschen zu sauberem Trinkwasser? Gibt es eine Art DNA in der Musik? Antworten auf …
By the way: First application for #TEDxZurich 2013 arrived before lunchtime today.TEDxZurich

Charles Eugster

TEDxZurich – October 25, 2012 – TV Studios of SRF / tpcCharles Eugster, one of our speakers at TEDxZurich 2012, has been portrayed in last week’s DAS MAGAZIN, a weekend supplement to the daily…
Charles Eugstertedxzurich
#tedxzurich as obesity rises the part of the body that shrinks is the brain- frightening for developed world. How will we innovate??Anne Wallin
Shrinking brains is VERY frightening! #TEDxZurichAshley Ringger
Why isn’t Charles Eugster a UN ambassador for health? #tedxzurich @charleseugsterZurich Expats
RT @schnellnicole: Now on stage: Charles Eugster, the world’s fittest 91-year-old. #TEDxZurich
Charles Eugster ….wow, and and your presentation both amazing for a 92 year old. @TEDxZurich #tedxzurich
On Twitter, the age of Charles Eugster varies between 87 and 97 years. 93 years is the actual number. 😉 #TEDxZurichTEDxZurich
Charles Eugster, humor as the wrapper around a compelling message: unhealthy excesses of the modern age. #TEDxZurichJack Vincent
Charles Eugster, you are awesome #tedxzurichMalte
Charles Eugster: ¨Inactivity is a main source of death" – and also a consequence… #TEDxZurichChristoph Borer
"Remember. Inactivity kills!!!" Don’t retire! – Charles Eugster #TEDxZurichJack Vincent
55-65+ entrepreneurs out there, roll up your sleeves. Aging isn’t an excuse! Charles Eugster at #tedxzurichElise Nardin
Charles Eugsterboris.baldinger
Aging Entrepreneurs: you have nothing to lose but the chains of convention! #tedxzurichTobias Zehnder
Really impressing the guy! Work, diet and workout will help! RT @igama: When I’m 90+ I want to be like Dr Charles Eugster at #tedxzurich!herrlaus
"wrongly assumed that illness is a ‘natural’ part of aging" & "Retirement is 30 years out of work, future financial disaster" #tedxzurichMichael Vorburger
In the near future, the nations with the healthiest people will rule the world. Charles Eugster #tedxzurichJohan Offermans
"Retirement is a disaster" Charles Eugster says. Activity is what makes you live long #TEDxZurichJonas Vonlanthen
Charles Eugstertedxzurich
Standing ovation for Charles Eugster in the hall! Follow him here on Twitter: @charleseugster #TEDxZurichTEDxZurich
Charles Eugstertedxzurich
Thank you everyone for your kind comments- I hope I have inspired at least 1 person to get fitter, then I have done some good! #tedxzurichCharles Eugster

Stelian Coros

TEDxZurich – October 25, 2012 – TV Studios of SRF / tpcWalking, a fundamental means of human and animal locomotion, seems easy to those of us who have spent most of our lives doing it. When re…
Stelian Corostedxzurich
#tedxzurich really nice talk about robotics, motion studies and falling animation charactersJoel Lonfat
Moderne Puppenspieler scheinen Sadisten zu sein, aber lernen tut halt manchmal weh. #TEDxZurichRolf Lang
Stelian Coros fascinating @TEDxZurich #TEDxZurich
Best animations in a @TEDxZurich talk: Stelian Coros, Straumann
Stelian Coros delivers an entertaining speech on motion in humans and animal robotics. #TEDxZurich

Jorge Viñuales

TEDxZurich – October 25, 2012 – TV Studios of SRF / tpcEvery year, we spend incredible amounts of money in bottled water. Jorge Viñuales has no problem with consumers (including himself) drink…
Jorge Vinualestedxzurich
#tedxzurich jorge vinuales spoke to my heart – water as a luxury vs water as a needLucilia Caramelo
Tax the west for water and invest it in water deprived areas in the rest of the world … Good thinking Batman! Jorge Vinuales #TEDxZurichSoulMaite
What would Nestle’s Peter Brabeck say on a Tobin Tax on water sales in a developed country? Jorge Viñuales tries to explain #TEDxZurichClemens M. Schuster
Bottled water leaves a huge environmental footprint. – Jorge Viñuales, #TEDxZurichJack Vincent
Water industry is about to restrict tap water to showers & washing machines. Really frightening idea don’t you think? #TEDxZurichkate rageth
Thx #TEDxZurich good talk by Jorge about water as a human need – definitely an approach worth spreading unfortunately no standing ovationsAnna Handschuh

Christian Maurer & Thomas Theurillat

TEDxZurich – October 25, 2012 – TV Studios of SRF / tpcEvery two years there’s an extreme adventure race in which the athletes cross the Alps from Salzburg to Monaco by paraglider, or on foot;…
Christian Maurer & Thomas Theurillattedxzurich
Christian Maurer & Thomas Theurillattedxzurich
Maurer, Theurillat: Twice winner of X-Alps Adventures: Crossing the alps with paraglider and on foot http:// #tedxzurichPatrick Stähler
Preparation and Teamwork will help to live up to the X-Alps challenge and circumvent the dangers – coolness adds the magic #TEDxZurichPatrick Comboeuf
#tedxzurich "team work – go different ways to reach the same goal "Lucilia Caramelo
#TEDxZurich Knowing your limits and when to fight/when to let go. Sometimes you just have to follow the wind! Maurier & Theurillat athletesSoulMaite

Screened from Kirby Ferguson

Kirby Ferguson: Embrace the remix | Video on TED.comTED
It’s always the ancient question ‘Imitatio vs Aemulatio vs Variatio’ now @remixeverything Kirby Ferguson on #TEDxZurichClemens M. Schuster
Creative works is property we’re building on. Everything is a remix! #tedxzurichElise Nardin
RT @AnneWallin: Creativity comes from outside us not within. #remix is the key. #tedxzurichJohan Offermans

Jurczok 1001

TEDxZurich – October 25, 2012 – TV Studios of SRF / tpcZurich-based spoken word pioneer Jurczok 1001 has developed to be an highly versatile artist: Jurczok is a poet, a singer and an MC all a…
Jurczok 1001tedxzurich
Onomatopoetics goes BeatBoxing with Jurczok 1001 #TEDxZurich nowkate rageth
Funky, cool and… SWISS? A speaker in Schweitzer Dütsch… a rhythmic poet! Jurczok 1001 #TEDxZurichJack Vincent
Jurkzoc 1001 got soul #TEDxZurichMatthias Keller
Remixed and slick Jurczok 1001 :: #tedxzurich #NIN @ TEDxZurich 2012 Musi ®

José del R. Millán

TEDxZurich – October 25, 2012 – TV Studios of SRF / tpcThe idea of controlling machines not by manual operation, but by mere "thinking" (i.e., the brain activity of human subjects) has fascina…
Jose del R. Millantedxzurich
Jose del R. Millantedxzurich
More robots at #TEDxZurich, this time controlled by the brain! Imagine doing this with microrobots inside your body to heal yourself.Johan Offermans
Lots of cool tech today at #tedxzurich yay brain controlled machines, maybe should volunteer to knit some nicer capsDragica Kahlina
Mind-controlled body-robots. Ethical question: Bodies by robot-controlled minds? #TEDxZurichClemens M. Schuster
#TEDxZurich Magic: This guy in Leutschenbach controls a robot in Lausanne by sending commands with this funny hat only Comboeuf
Brain-Machine interfaces! #TEDxZurichNils
Jose del R. Millantedxzurich

Jacques Neirynck

TEDxZurich – October 25, 2012 – TV Studios of SRF / tpcWe should stop asking what Europe can do for Switzerland, and instead we should consider what Switzerland can do to help the construction…
Jacques Neiryncktedxzurich
RT @PaloStacho: Europe: Switzerland is like a island, like a virtual New Zealand in the pacific named Europe. Jacques Neirynck #tedxzurichBalasubramaniam
#Switzerland should be a technology hub for Europe. #JacquesNeirynck at #TEDxZurich. I say not just Europe, but the world.ChristianLangenegger
Most controversial idea to come out of #TEDxZurich Switzerland’s integration to the EU. Yay or Nay? Jacques NeirynckMaebellyne Ventura
Schön gesagt von Jacques Neirynck: «People ask the right to be wrong.» #TEDxZurich Schnell
RT @JohanTweets: At #tedxzurich Jacques Neirynck: a popular vote can be right or wrong, but at least the people stand behind the decission.Marco Silva
"The mechanism of success is simpler than we perceive" #TEDxZurich While this is more political- quotes such as this make it TED… esque.Alex Lefty

Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jordan

TEDxZurich – October 25, 2012 – TV Studios of SRF / tpcCorporations across Europe share the same problem: a dramatic gender gap in leadership. Although the size of this gap varies from country…
Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jordentedxzurich
Women’s leadership potential discussed by Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden #tedxzurichElise Nardin
It’s about perception. you hear leader you think man. you hear diversity you think woman. What we underestimate we underutilize! #TEDxZurichPatrick Comboeuf
inspiring Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jordan by #catalyst is speaking about gender gap – as second female speaker on stage #TEDxZurichAnna Handschuh
Finland does a better job at promoting equal opportunities in top mgt, right? Or is it just women quotes set by the government? #tedxzurichElise Nardin
Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jordentedxzurich
Its sometimes better to apologize than to ask permission #TEDxZurichDragica Kahlina

Enrique Steiger

TEDxZurich – October 25, 2012 – TV Studios of SRF / tpcHumanitarian catastrophes triggered by war or natural disasters repeatedly shockhumanity and trigger despair and hopelessness. During the…
Enrique Steigertedxzurich
Enrique Steiger just before he rocked #tedxzurich with his Swisscross idea. Wow. Chic / Mikael
#TEDxZurich Enrique Steiger ( Grey’s Anatomy? :)) on stage, A surgeon with a very big HEART! And lots of guts!SoulMaite
That’s shocking: healthcare staff casualties in war zones is in the hundrds, preventing humanitarian care to those in need. #TEDxZurichPatrick Comboeuf
Real-life hero: Swiss surgeon on dangers of working in war theaters #tedxzurich #swisscrossDimitri Burkhard
#TEDxZurich "the first victim of war is healthcare" enrique steigerLucilia Caramelo
Listening to many of today’s talks, I’m always pleasantly surprised at the selflessness of so many people. #MoreGoodThanBad #TEDxZurichChristianLangenegger
Steiger: foundation of SwissCross to protect healthcare facilities in war zones since Swiss have no history of colonialism #tedxzurichAnne Wallin
SwissCross only works at locations with support of local authorities. Hope for medical care in war zones while others debate. #tedxzurichAnne Wallin

Jan Henrik Hansen

TEDxZurich – October 25, 2012 – TV Studios of SRF / tpcMusic is an intangible force that can be seen as a powerful transmitter of emotion and content as it permeates almost every human culture…
Jan Henrik Hansentedxzurich
"Architecture is frozen music" Schopenauer/Goethe #tedxzurichMikael
7 notes modeled melting into one another #materialmusic #tedxzurich Nardin
And here’s the proof a xylophone solo turned architecure #TEDxZurich (it sounds weireder as it actually is, trust me) Comboeuf
This is the year TED is taking on seeing music and listening to color. #TEDxZurichAlex Lefty
I want to play with these instruments and visualisations right now! #tedxzurichAdam Rinde derFinnen
Jan Henrik Hansentedxzurich

Good byes and more media coverage

Thank you to everyone out on the live stream for watching, we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we did! #TEDxZurichTEDxZurich
(we said good bye to the ones at TPC in person having a drink or two…)
Genies und Visionäre aus der ganzen Welt am TEDxZurichBild 18 Minuten hatten die Visionäre und Wissenschaftler maximal Zeit, um ihre Ideen für eine bessere Zukunft an der TEDxZurich auf der g…

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Things that make us happy…

That great feeling when you find new brilliant minds and start following them. Thank you for connecting, #tedxzurich!Tobias Zehnder
Even more impressive than the topics @TEDxZurich, is the passion of the speakers.Chris Solarski
Great #TEDxZurich!! Well done… I m going now to build a robot, fly the skies, work out, drink water and spread ideas. Super job @tduBeat Werder

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Thank you for being a part of it, see you at TEDxZurich 2013.