What «Opening Doors» means to Giorgia von Albertini

What does «opening doors» mean to you?

I believe that having doors opened to you as well as opening doors are quintessential parts of life. One cannot grow without being able to learn from others and accessing new knowledge and experiences. And one cannot teach without sharing one’s own recognitions and achievements. At some point in life we all need a little luck, not only for having people believe in us and opening their gates to us, but also for spotting the right opportunities.

I am very lucky to have been granted immensely interesting opportunities in the course of the past few years. I am even more lucky that those who have welcomed me into their worlds are individuals of open-minded intellect and kindness who are well aware that the transfer of knowledge is essential both for future generations and the preservation of their own legacies. These individuals were Bice Curiger and Not Vital.

Curiger, a trailblazing curator, agreed to work with me when I had just graduated from university. In an act of trust Bice endowed me with the task of building her archive. Because Bice has organized so many groundbreaking exhibitions and publications in the course of the past decades and because she had been the editor of the infamous Parkett magazine which she co-founded in 1984, the process of building her archive was extremely educational and motivational.

A few years later, Not Vital asked me to be his studio manager and to work as a curator at his foundation. His first decision as my employer was to invite me on a long trip to China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Tonga, and New Zealand. Not always has countless projects all over the world, and so we traveled from one project to the next and I was able to gather an incredible amount of new knowledge and experiences. Not humorously said that all of our adventures were part of the curriculum of his own university, the “Free University Not Vital”. Not is certainly a door-opener par excellence.

I am looking forward to the point in life, at which I will be able to swing doors open for others. Trust and generosity are so important

Not Vital and Giorgia von Albertini making sculptures in Italy, 2017

Who is Giorgia von Albertini?

Giorgia von Albertini works as a Studio Manager to Not Vital, a Swiss painter and sculptor of international renommée. She furthermore operates as a freelance curator and writer, currently acquiring her master’s degree in Curatorial Studies at the prestigious CCS Bard in NY.