TEDxZurich 2017 Audience Experience – Studio 2

TEDxZurich 2017 is Opening Doors to you, the audience, on November 17 at the SRF Studio’s. We are excited to share with you, the ideas we have developed in collaboration with our main partners. We want the audience to find spaces of discovery, creativity and relaxation to reflect and discuss the talks presented on the main stage and leave the event inspired and in awe.

The SIX booth Opens the Door to the Future to the audience. Life as we know it now would be unimaginable to a person who lived 100 years ago. With their booth, SIX provide a space for the audience to question, what aspects of the future are now inconceivable to us. How will we use trade? Is a world without physical currency possible? How will we fulfil our physical needs for food and shelter? To help answer these questions, the SIX space has three areas – active area, spark creativity and a chill area where conversations can be had over a beer.

Mazda provides the audience a chance to Question Conventions. Inspired by its own philosophy of ‘Challenging conventions for the love of driving’, its area is designed to prompt different entrepreneurs, visionaries and scientists to present their ideas for the future.

Accenture with its forward-looking Mixed Reality technology experience, provides exciting examples of how the audience can leverage mixed reality technology to dramatically change customer and worker experience. Accenture allow the audience to open new doors through interactive demos, such as the supermarket of the future, where customer experience is heightened by the implementation of interactive food display tables and smart shelves to make shopping more relevant and personalized. Or the Accenture wearable technology with the HoloLens, in which the audience will master various tasks or experiences in distant places. Fun at the booth too, the flowerwall, which recognizes the emotions.  

Die Post with its Relaxation, Inspiration, Communication booth hopes to spark conversations in its stunningly designed lounge, where you can simply sip a freshly made smoothie and unwind on a comfortable chair. Fun is on the agenda too, have your picture taken with the TEDx Logo as a souvenir in one of their photobox booths.

Migros-Kulturprozent will be connecting with your senses by Discovering, Amazing, Relaxing with young artists dotted throughout the event and ideas to present themselves. Migros-Kulturprozent will offer a space for exchange, discovery and discussions. Linger and enjoy.

And finally, SRF urges you to Take What You Need by choosing a badge/button to turn your wishes into action. You could pick a badge wishing for more courage, more patience, more luck, more love or even maybe, more success. Who knows? Maybe this conversation will spark opportunities, open new doors and make the impossible, possible.

Check out the experience map on our event page for more information. Stay tuned for more updates on the experience at TEDxZurich 2017 that we will share before the event.

Sarah Ebling

          Sarah Ebling holds a professorship in Accessibility Studies at Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and is a senior researcher at the University of Zurich. Her research focuses on natural language processing in the context of disabilities and special needs, specifically, sign language technology and automatic text simplification. Her groups’ contributions involve artificial intelligence techniques with a strong emphasis on user involvement. She is involved in various international and national projects and leads a large-scale Swiss innovation initiative entitled „Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies“ (2022-2026; https://www.iict.uzh.ch/).