TEDxZurich 2017 Audience Experience – Creativity & Community

At TEDxZurich this year, we have been focusing on experiences with a wow factor that hopes to leave our audience inspired. We have looked for dedicated partners to put our ideas into action. With Opening Doors as a theme, we were oriented towards the importance of creativity & community.

The “Crowd Doodle Wall” from Paint Club by Cromatics is created with the help of local artists. With them we will build an art structure that will represent the interconnection between everyone attending TEDxZurich 2017. The building blocks of the art structure are made of simple cardboard boxes, you will be invited to design and customize them with the help of our team.

Cromatics take on “Opening doors” is that –  It is a reminder to always keep enhancing themselves, be open minded, embrace the future and the change for better. Further it means, that it is often Cromatics, who need to take the first step onto virgin soil – some call it the pioneering spirit – or in other words to open doors to unknown worlds. Last but not least, it’s a daily reminder that we should wake up every morning with the goal to get the best out of ourselves and be as mindful as possible – because that’s the base for really being open minded.

From a wall with crowd doodling to a wall with lights, the second experience will still require your creativity but this time not with your hands but a smartphone or tablet control.

The “Wall of Light” by Nanoleaf is a modular, smart light experience that is brought by a young company based in Toronto, Canada. Two years ago they began to think outside of the bulb. They knew in order to create something better, they had to rethink the light bulb entirely.

The light panels that were created are the perfect tool to tell the Nanoleaf story at TEDxZurich. From lighting up the TEDx logo, to unique shapes, Nanoleaf hope that the designs of their modular smart light panels can serve as a beacon and a reminder for everyone to always be on the lookout for new ideas, and to never stop to challenge the norm. You never know when your idea may open the door to a whole new world.

Nonoleaf belives that “Opening doors” is a concept, which means opening the world to new possibilities that others have not yet explored or thought of. It means introducing new and better products that can help to enrich people’s daily lives.

The last experience partner for this year is not something that you will be asked to do with your hands, but more with your thoughts and decisions. Experiencing does not only come through what we do but also with stories we listen to.

Faircustomer is a platform for sustainable products in Switzerland. Each product has a story to tell. Organizations associated to Faircustomer have a motto, advocating strongly the non-exploitation of human and natural resources. Sometimes this means “closing doors“, sometimes it means “Opening doors”. Hear more about the story behind the tote bags and the notebooks which you will get as giveaways during the event.

The tote bags are produced by Social Fabrics, a social enterprise based in Zürich that works with an Indian company that employs over 10 young women who have escaped prostitution. After they have found that exit door, comes a next challenge: finding a job that they can live on.

The notebooks are made in the ateliers of RecyclingArt from old vinyl discs that are cut carefully with hand drills. RecyclingArt is a project of the zsge – Zürcher Stiftung für Gefangenen- und Entlassenenfürsorge, an institution which supports people after they come out of jail and need a “Door Opening” into society.

Check out the experience map on our event page for more information. T-1 to the experience at TEDxZurich 2017, are you excited? We are!

Sarah Ebling

          Sarah Ebling holds a professorship in Accessibility Studies at Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and is a senior researcher at the University of Zurich. Her research focuses on natural language processing in the context of disabilities and special needs, specifically, sign language technology and automatic text simplification. Her groups’ contributions involve artificial intelligence techniques with a strong emphasis on user involvement. She is involved in various international and national projects and leads a large-scale Swiss innovation initiative entitled „Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies“ (2022-2026; https://www.iict.uzh.ch/).