Natasha Arora is featured on TED talks

Lesions. Ulcers. Rashes that spread on the skin. Fevers. Debilitating pain… and finally, at the end, even madness. These are only some of the effects of infectious syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease caused by a tiny cork-screw shaped bacterium, often viewed as a thing of the past. However, this disease is still very much present. … Read moreNatasha Arora is featured on TED talks

TEDxZurich needs volunteers

Are you interested in volunteering in a fun environment with the aim to bringing great ideas closer to the community? If yes, then we are looking for YOU! We are looking for volunteers to help throughout the event day and make it a special experience for everyone. For the ones who want to get involved a little … Read moreTEDxZurich needs volunteers