TEDxZurich 2020 in a nutshell:

When? 20th of November. Doors open at 13:15. The event will be over at around 6:30 pm


Where? University of Zurich, SRF Studios, Stage One

Who is on stage? Each location will feature at least three live speakers as well as brand new TEDxZurich talks that are recorded the day before. We will inform you about the speakers over our social media channels in the coming weeks.

What are the safety regulations? You can read up on our safety regulations for the event below.


How do I get a ticket? There is no application process this year and the tickets are sold first come first serve. Buy a ticket with the link below.

Anything else? We are looking forward to seeing you at TEDxZurich2020! Please note that due to COVID-19, some details might change. We will inform you about any potential changes via email. 


The map highlights some of TEDxZurich’s partners, friends as well as event locations for the main event on November 20th - for details about the event stay tuned on our communication channels.
The map highlights some of TEDxZurich’s partners, friends as well as event locations for the main event on November 20th - for details about the event stay tuned on our communication channels.

One Day. Multiple Locations

Our TEDxZurich 2020 event is approaching and at a time of great uncertainty we feel it is more important than ever to provide a platform to share ideas & hope to our local community. To be able to do that in a safe and responsible way while at the same time creating a unique live experience, we developed the satellite concept for this year’s event.

What Does it Mean?

The event will take place at the same day and time, 20th of November, but at multiple locations within the Zurich area. This is due to Covid-19 and the possible limits of guests we would be required to abide by in November. All the talks will be shown in all locations, with 2 live talks and the rest pre-recorded. Different moderators will engage with the audience and integrate the live speakers between pre-recorded videos.

COVID-19 Protection Plan

We collected some key points and measures to protect our audience and staff during TEDxZurich 2020: Break Out:

Masks are required upon arrival at the event location.

Please wash or disinfect your hands regularly.

It is obligatory to wear a mask in the entire building including the toilet – and while in your seat during the event. Our staff will wear masks in order to protect you and themselves.

Please follow the 1.5 m distance rule wherever possible.

If you feel ill or show any symptoms of Covid-19, we kindly ask you to stay home. Please check our refund policy to see if you are eligible for a refund.

You will be required to leave your contact details during the ticketing process. You must ensure that these contact details are correct and traceable.

These contact details are used solely to trace any person who comes into close contact with another person suspected of having the COVID-19 virus. They will only be given to the canton’s Contact Tracing Team if they officially request them.

We kindly suggest you download the SwissCovid app.

2020 Theme: Break Out

One way or another, 2020 was bound to be historic. We left the ‘10s behind and entered the ‘20s and no one could guess how the new decade would begin. Then came the Outbreak. An unparalleled situation that cast a net of uncertainty over the world we knew and demanded unprecedented steps into one we have only begun to comprehend. Any previous sense of normalcy we had was abandoned and we were all asked to make sacrifices.

And then something extraordinary happened. We collectively took up the challenge to cast off the mundane depression from months of lockdown. We found ourselves with the time to take up playing an instrument, learn that new language, catch up with friends, or improve the world immediately surrounding us. We have emerged in this new life with a shared experience and responsibility across all humanity and come now into the ‘20s better prepared and eager to do our part in working towards a brighter future. Towards a Breakout.

We live now in unprecedented times and the coming years promise to be revolutionary. Will we, as a global community, overcome the Outbreak? Can we break out of our confines and lay the groundwork needed to address humanity’s next challenges, from scientific leaps to mitigating climate change and even exploring the solar system?

Join the team at TEDxZurich 2020 Breakout as we look forward to a year of shedding our comfort zone and dive into new adventures together!

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