Delve into the fascinating topics presented on TEDx stage.

2018 - Connection

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The Perfect Mother Needs To Go

Andrea Jensen
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Wicked games: using games to resolve environmental conflicts

Claude Garcia
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Land as a Commons

Nikolai Fuchs
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Why identity is a human right

Dominique Kunz
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Can we overcome division? Learning from those who've been through the worst

Lea Suter
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What nobody told me about growing up

Alexandra Mandoki
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Connecting with the world

Jamil El-Imad
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Domenico Giardini
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What's Good Architecture And Why The World Doesn't Need More Star Architects

Xi Zhang
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Expanding our experimental horizons through untranslatable words

Tim Lomas
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The new wine language: a simpler concept

Madelyne Meyer
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Consciousness, connection and nature - the root cause of the root cause

Davor Kosanic
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Gaming meets fitness: Engaging virtual training Worlds

Anna Lisa Martin-Niedecken
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Poetic Spaces of Human Experience - Art and Research

Jan Schacher & Daniel Bising

2017 - Opening Doors

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The World through Labels

Rima Alaifari
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Opening Doors for Refugees in the IT Industry

Christian Hirsig
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Learning from the Grassroots Response to the European Refugee Crisis

Liska Bernet
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Separating Leadership from Pay

Stephan Hostettler
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Dream Big. Smile and Take a Step

Judith Safford
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A Magical History Tour

Diccon Bewes
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Transforming Ownership to Create a Better Economy

Armin Steuernagel
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Striving for the Perfect Digital Human

Pascal Berard
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Reclaiming Journalism for Readers

Nadja Schnetzler
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A Conversation with Democritus

Ben Moore
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Cyborgs – Fantasy, Threat or Chance?

Robert Riener
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I Want to be a Stand Up Comedian, but I’m Swiss

Fabian Unteregger
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Broken Place & I See the Light

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That’s One Big Living Room!

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Beautiful and Stunning Adagio Performance

Gabriel Stoyanov

2016 - People First

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Stella Cruz
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100 Happy Days

Dmitry Golubnichy
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The Mental Health System – A Call for Change

Nora Blum
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Augmented Creativity

Bob Sumner
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Humans & AI: A Healthy Relationship?

Marcel Blattner
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Evelyne Binsack
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Small Money – Big Impact

Peter Fanconi
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Capture You

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Why Diversity Matters

Suzie LeVine & Eric LeVine
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Human Rights in 2066

William Schabas
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Plea For Daily Creative Act

Cristina Riesen
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Some Truths About Honesty

Alexander Wagner
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Point Cloud Modeling the Alpine Landscape

Christophe Girot

2015 - Re-imagining Everything

Flying through (virtual) reality

Patrik Künzler

Tomatoes talk, birch trees learn – do plants have dignity?

Florianne Koechlin

Dementia precaution should become as normal as going to the dentist

Ioannis Tarnanas

Shady Midnight Orchestra

Marena Whitcher

Why its time to elect your boss

Marc Stoffel

The power of voice

Nadine Bienefeld

Negotiation engineering

Michael Ambühl

Aesthetic activism in the business of beauty

Anju Rupal

Fighting dyslexia with computer science

Markus Gross

What happens when no one is watching… and how to break the cycle

Andreia Fernandes

The right and the wrong way to look at the war in Syria

Kurt Pelda

Allowing mobile devices to navigate and understand the world we live in

Simon Lynen

Re-setting the public image of modern successful women

Jennifer Miksch

Mental (w)illness

Christian Wehbe


Live music act

Mich Gerber

Stop, look, think, and then, maybe you can do

Xavier Vilalta

This bullsh*t might save the world

Thomas Rippell

Empowering women to power the world

Anya Cherneff

It's ok to look

Kristen Vermilyea

How to inspire leaders to grow

Omid Aschari

Fascinating ants -- lessons for humans?

Danielle Mersch

Theory of mind through the lens of algorithms

Andreea Diaconescu

Not a thing of the past -- the mysteries of hush-hush syphilis

Natasha Arora

The power of the small world phenomenon

Richard Olsen

Artificial intelligence: dream or nightmare?

Stefan Wess

Music performance

Rival Kings

Honey, football changed my life

Honey Thaljieh

My survival story -- what I learned from having cancer

Martin Inderbitzin

From kites to drones (to kites again)

Sergei Lupashin

Designing the data economy

Georg Polzer

A late-onset physics love story

Emily Costello

Down to Earth - retrieving our true human potential

Rolf WInters

Music performance

Black Barons

Puppies! Now that I've got your attention, complexity theory

Nicola Perony


Risk literacy

Gerd Gigerenzer

The future of marketing, from Plato to Bill HIcks

Sean Dromgoole

Shaping liquids to find tumors in human tissues

Emmanuel Delamarche

The power of play

Ian Livingstone

Music performance

Mia Aegerter

Impact through rationality

Michael Moor

A futurespective of a life yet to be lived

Marily Nika

Crime investigation -- possibilities and limitations?

Marco Gercke

How the body shapes the way we think

Rolf Pfeifer

Music performance

Rodrigo Botter Maio

Boundary extensions with aerial silking adventures (Talk)

Miki Adderley

Boundary extensions with aerial silking adventures (Performance)

Miki Adderley

Decoding our digital traces

Suzy Moat

Loss and recapture of hand control

Jan Frieden

Be the architect of your own world

Ankita Makwana

The philosophy of government surveillance

Judith Simon

Listening to data from the Large Hadron Collider

Lily Asquith


Why bodybuilding at age 93 is a great idea

Charles Eugster

Bicycle culture by design

Mikael Colville-Andersen

Who controls the world

James B. Glattfelder

How to avoid gender stereotypes

Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jordan

Music performance

Domi Chansorn

Building medical robots, bacteria sized

Bradley Nelson

Musical sculptures

Jan Henrik Hansen

Music animation machine

Stephen Malinowski

A tax on bottled water

Jorge Vinuales

Researching human locomotion

Stelian Coros

Humanity in action

Christoph von Toggenburg

Mind-controlled machines

Jose del R. Millan

Swisscross, protecting health care in times of war

Enrique Steiger

Music performance

Jurczok 1001

How the Swiss Confederal Model could be applied to a United Europe

Jacques Neirynck

Running and Flying across the Alps

Thomas Theurillat & Christian Maurer

Deep water horizon: How hunting territory made an oil rig sink

Istvan Gorgenyi

Pool medical patents, save lives

Ellen' t Hoen


Journey to the ends of the world

Saytabrata Dam

Music performance


Exploring the distance between 0 and 1

Joio Meyer

Value driven living

Benedikt Germanier

Are nanosensors the future's guardian angels?

Christofer Hierold

Bubble Trouble

Tobias Preis

Sprawl Rocks

Matthias Daum

Musical Performance

All Hands

History and future of mapping

Bernhard Seefeld

Why I create pop-up farms in my city

Roman Gaus

Drugs and morals

Molly Crockett

Inside the belly of CERN

Eleanor Dobson

Australopithecus sediba

Peter Schmid

Leading through language

Thomas Zweifel

Play to break taboos

Karin Stierlin


Johannes Hedinger

Political leaders' use and abuse of social media

Matthias Lüfkens

Interdisciplinary science

Arzu Çöltekin

1000 TED Talks in 8 minutes

Sebastian Wernicke

The magic of truth and lies

Marco Tempest


Listen to those from whom we expect nothing

Martin Werlen

About living environments

Rachel Armstrong

How to manage organizational energy

Heike Bruch

How technology can influence our behaviour

Elgar Fleisch

On how to end torture worldwide

Karen Tse

Wants to make clothing traceable

Robin Cornelius

Explains how he builds a sustainable bank

Reto Ringger

On how ideas can travel further

Bruno Giussani

How to play Birom

Gian Klainguti

How to turn urban sprawl into an «aggloasis»

Margrit Hugentobler

Visualizing politics and the two kinds of smart people

Michael Hermann

How an ancient greek thinker can help us understand technology

David Bauer

Look at our one-wheeled robot

Gwender & Limacher (tech demo)

How a high-tech sorcerer works

Marco Tempest

Switzerland needs more brainpower

Nicola Foster