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Another event organised by TEDxZurich
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Opening Doors

This is what Opening Doors is all about:

Opening Doors reaches the fundamental conversations and the dialogue that is much needed across geographical, social and generational lines.
What can we learn from each other when we genuinely open the conversation across political lines and start speaking the same language? What can we look forward to experiencing in virtual reality or a great novel, in the near future? Opening doors is both an opportunity and a call to action, to come together and see what lies beyond.




SRF Studios

Fernsehstrasse 1-4



CHF 70.-

Registration is closed. We will review all the applications and you will get an email from us.

We at TEDxZurich are excited about ‘Opening Doors’ and look forward to sharing our 12 speakers with you, bringing ideas on new economic approaches to leadership and business forms, showing hitech demos, sharing their personal stories and inviting you into a conversation with ancient Greek philosophers. Artists and partners on stage and at the venue will invite you to a journey through an individuals’ life defining moments – that opportunity, that role model, that phone-call, that teacher, the love of your life. A journey through that door that was opened to you, that challenged the course of your personal, profession, mental and emotional direction or even one that was closed in order to learn and grow. We encourage the audience to go away with the spark that leads to an individual’s inspiration, aspiration, challenge or a new path.

Speakers 2017

Some of our featured speakers. Stay tuned for more


Professor of Sensory-Motor Systems at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology (D-HEST), ETH Zurich and the University Hospital Balgrist.


President of Project R, Alumna of Ringier Journalism school and co-founded of BrainStore, one of the first IdeaFactories.


Some of our featured entertainers/comedians. Stay tuned for more


A Swiss comedian and a gifted parodist


9.00-10.00     Door opening, arrival, coffee, excitement


10.00-11.45    Session 1, talks and artists


11.45-13.00    Lunch, explore onsite experience


13.00-14.30    Session 2


14.30-15.00    Break


15.00-16.00    Session 3


16.00-20.00    Apero, networking and afterparty


Since we receive more registrations than we can fit  in the location, the applications go through a reviewing process based on the answers you will have written. We will inform you if your application is accepted later this September in which you will receive a confirmation link with a ticket (subject to a fee)


Registration will close on September 21. 2017


Medienschaffende, Blogger und Vlogger, die über «Opening Doors» berichten möchten, können sich hier akkreditieren.
Bitte beachten: Video-Aufnahmen sind nur vor, zwischen oder nach den Speaker-Auftritten möglich.

Journalists, bloggers and vloggers who want to cover «Opening Doors» can apply for a media accreditation here

Please note: Filming is only permissible before, in between or after talks.