TEDxZurich | TEDxZurich 2013: Save The Date
TEDxZurich is a day of wonder, inspiration and awe. You will meet and get to know interesting people and learn about topics you never thought about before.
TEDxZurich, Zurich, TED, Independently organised event
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TEDxZurich 2013: Save The Date

We are thrilled to announce the next edition of TEDxZurich which is going to be held at SRF studios / tpc on Wednesday October 2nd 2013. Be sure to mark the date in your calendars. Our team is very busy right now creating yet another exciting and inspiring day of ideas worth spreading.

Application for this year’s audience will open in summer. Subscribe to our mailing list or stay connected via Facebook or Twitter to be the first to know.


Tanya Koenig