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Innovation in Creativity

TEDxZurich is launching TEDxZurichSalon events. The Salons complement the main event by bringing the community together more frequently and providing opportunities for conversation and heightened interaction between speaker and audience. Think of it as a dinner party with the smartest people you know.

The first event will take place on September 28th and explore Innovation in Creativity

Hosted at the Impact hub, our Community Partner, it will give a glimpse into creative spaces in Zurich, their obstacles and potential. In TEDx tradition it will start with ideas worth spreading and in Salon fashion then move into small discussion rounds, focusing on a concrete question.




Impact Hub
Geroldstrasse 33,
8005 Zürich


Free Entrance


Martin Roth (KOSMOS)

Martin Roth is managing director and partner of Kosmos-Kultur AG and part of the development of KOSMOS together with Bruno Deckert and filmmaker Samir. KOSMOS is the new 5000m2 cultural centre near Langstrasse/Europaallee in Zurich. His background: Creative and managing director of studio Roth&Maerchy, a leading design and communication agency for culture and hospitality projects. He is also president of the non-profit “Cuisine sans Frontières”.

Fabienne Barras and Gabriela Chicherio

Together with Andreas Saxer, Fabienne Barras and Gabriela Chicherio are the founders and curators of the Design Biennale Zurich, that debuted this year from 7. – 10. of September.
The Design Biennale Zürich wants to show the design process to a larger public and encourage the discourse between professionals and amateurs. Fabienne and Gabriela are both designers, with a background in product design and scenography.

Tara Lasrado (Forward Festival)

Forward Creatives is an innovative agency for brand strategy, storytelling and event development, organising Forward Festival for design, creativity and communication which takes place annually in Vienna and Munich and this year for the first time in Zurich (17-18 June 2017). Tara Lasrado is the local coordinator for Forward Festival Zürich and responsible for international partnerships.

Nina Hodel (Kreislauf 4+5)

Nina is a co-lead of Kreislauf 4+5 in Zurich, head of communication of the One Of A Million music festival in Baden and a freelance consultant, copywriter and develops concepts for websites and social media. All while she is currently working on her Master’s at ZHdK in Design and Trends


18:30-19:00     Registration


19:00-19.05    Welcome from TEDxZurich and the Impact Hub


19:05-19:45    Ideas from TED talk and our Speakers


20:30-21:00    Aperò


Medienschaffende, Blogger und Vlogger, die über «Innovation in Creativity» berichten möchten, können sich hier akkreditieren.

Bitte beachten: Video-Aufnahmen sind nur vor, zwischen oder nach den Speaker-Auftritten möglich.

Journalists, bloggers and vloggers who want to cover «Innovation in Creativity» can apply for a media accreditation here

Please note: Filming is only permissible before, in between or after talks.