Refund Policy

Due to COVID-19, we have decided to offer a refund on tickets, if requested. By purchasing a ticket, you confirm that you agree to the following refund policy.


Tickets can only be refunded if the request was received on Monday, November 16th or before. Tickets which are cancelled after the specified day will not get refunded.

Refund Request

If you wish to cancel your ticket and get a refund, please write an email to  with the subject “Refund”. The email must contain the full name of the ticket owner and be sent from the same email that was used to purchase the ticket. Please also indicate the details for the bank transfer in the email. Once we have verified the request, we are going to confirm it via email.

Date of Refund

We cannot directly process the refund after confirming it. The bank transfer with the refund can only be done once the financial bookings have been finalized on our side. We are going to inform you when the payment date is known.

Administration Fee

To cover the administrative costs, we will only refund the amount of CHF 39.-

Cancellation by TEDxZurich

If the whole event is cancelled by TEDxZurich, we will refund the full cost of the ticket.